Our Payment Terms

Following given are the terms and conditions applied for the payment terms for the services offered to the esteemed customers. Please feel free to clarify your queries.

  1. We will submit the quotation for the interior design work-order, which depends on the estimate of the project-work and also the mutual understanding with the customers. The quotation of the work order will be sent by email.
  2. Customer should reply to the email sent regarding the quotation by confirming the work-order.
  3. Any changes or cancellation of the work-order should be made before confirmation of the work-order. The work-contract once confirmed should not be cancelled without prior notice.
  4. In case of any changes, the customer can notify us regarding the changes in the project work by email. We can re-calculate the estimate and send you an email regarding the changes made.
  5. The payment should be deposited along with the confirmation of the work process.
  6. The quotation sent is based on the services charges and the present market prices of the items to be purchased for the project.
  7. The list of items required for the project is made available for you and it is your responsibility to check the items along with its details which are in accordance with the quotation given. For any changes or alterations you find you can ask our clarification.
  8. The confirmation of the project should be given by email along with 50% of total amount. The payment should be made within 7 days of confirmation of work order.
  9. The items required for the project will be purchased and passed into your ownership only after the full payment is made for it.
  10. The project work will start and complete as per the plan and the schedule given. There will be no delay from our side unless unavoidable circumstances occurred.
  11. We ensure the high quality of work as per the plan and mutual understanding between both the parties.
  12. We make sure that the entire project completes in time by offering best quality material and under the guidance of professional team.
  13. Once the entire work gets completed the customer has to pay the remaining 50% of the amount.

For any clarification regarding our services, project management capabilities or payment terms, you are free to contact us either on phone or by email. We would like to talk to you, answer your queries and appreciate your suggestions.